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Cloud Computing is a technology that is generally used to maintain data and applications through remote servers on the internet. The advantages of cloud computing are to build up your companies IT infrastructure so it can scale quickly to meet dynamic workload demands and maximise utilisation of your IT investments.

Empire Networks provides a number of installation, configuration and network design options from small start-up businesses to large corporate enterprises.

We have a wide range of cloud computing products and servicess, including:

  • Microsoft Office365, Meraki, Rackspace, Dropbox

  • Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive

Please contact us on 01344 830001 for a no obligation quote; we are happy to offer free advice on networking, or any of our other services. We also offer significantly reduced engineering costs to start-ups and small businesses, and a 24 hour professional and friendly support service to all our clients.

Tel: 01344 830001
or email: [email protected]


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